David Bedell has been a Hansenfütz endorser for over four years and has promoted my products with great enthusiasm. I am glad to continue to have him on the artist roster.Mark Cubranich - Hansenfütz
Hey David, I just want to take a moment and thank you for all the help you have given us as regards to Beatnik.  All the comments, and online videos you made, and selling so many of the Beatniks to your students; coming to the days of percussion in Phoenix and helping us in the booth; giving your time to spend hours in our NAMM show booths demonstrating the Beatnik; introducing us to so many "big dogs" that you know in the industry;  all these things have helped us more than you realize.  The Beatnik user community, especially in and around Phoenix, has grown exponentially since we starting working with you.  Not to mention the valuable feedback you have given us on the basic product. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you.» Mark Wilson - OnBoard Research Corporation
Dave Bedell has been our son Kyle's drum teacher for the last two years. Dave's positive attitude is manifested in his teaching style; extremely encouraging, amazingly patient and his musical talents are beyond question. But for our family, it is Dave's easy nature and ability to get along with both student and their parents that has made him our favorite teacher.» Bruce & Sarah Avery - Phoenix, Az
David has been our drum teacher for about a year now and I must say we couldn't imagine a better teacher. David's energy is amazing! He always has an upbeat mood and is excited to teach. Our son has learned an incredible amount and has enjoyed each and every lesson. David challenges him and pushes him to improve. He does this with such a fun attitude and way of teaching that our son can't wait to see what comes next! If anyone is looking for a spectacular drum teacher, David can't be beat. The fact that he is in a band and this is his life's passion is another wonderful benefit. We see a joy in teaching that other teachers lack. Our son thinks he is the coolest! And so do we!» Bruce & Lori Burr - Gilbert, Az
David Bedell and Mike Wengren
We met Dave in December of 2004 at a very difficult time in my son's life. He was 16, depressed and trying to find himself. He had just quit the basketball team and wanted to do something he really enjoyed like drums. Music has always been a huge part of his life so this seemed like a logical thing to do. Joshua soon realized that he had forgotten a lot and needed a teacher. At Guitar Center, we asked about available instructors and Dave Bedell came highly recommended. He is a talented, gentle soul that has been not only a great teacher and player but a true inspiration to Josh.» Kay Horner - Tempe, Az
David is a good teacher because he makes everything easy to understand. An example of this is when he demonstrates the lesson and then it just clicks. I enjoy David as a teacher.» Jason Laumeyer - Phoenix, Az
David Bedell is an exceptional drum instructor, as well as a professional drummer. It is evident that he loves teaching by his enthusiasm and the encouraging manner in which he teaches his students. David has shown tremendous patience and consistently gives positive reinforcement throughout every drum lesson my son has received over the past 6 months. Connor, my 13 year old son, had a limited musical background, before he began lessons with David. The lessons are always actively engaging as David introduces new music, patterns and various drumming strategies. As a Faculty Associate in the college of Education at Arizona State University, it has been my job, for the past nine years, to train and evaluate young teachers in the Elementary Education Teacher Certification Program. David truly exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding teacher. Students and parents respect and admire him for his talents, enthusiasm for teaching and the rapport he is able to build so naturally. David's professional expertise is awesome. His awareness of the many facets of teaching as well as his own strengths and growing insights into the field of professional music, have inspired and motivated my son Connor. It is with great pleasure that I recommend David as a highly skillful instructor for students of all ages.» Cindy Coffman - Phoenix, Az
I began playing drums in school, took private lessons for a few years, and played in various garage bands. After raising the kids, I found that I really wanted to get back into playing drums. That's when I was referred to David Bedell. After studying under David Bedell, I can honestly say that he is THE BEST teacher I've ever had. While other teachers have a defined agenda, he worked with me, and together we developed a lesson plan to get me where I wanted to go. He has so much patience and is such a pleasant person to learn from. His skill level exceptionally high, exactly the kind of teacher I was looking for and would highly recommend him to anybody who is serious about learning. I hope to study under David Bedell for a long time.» Bobby Prechtl - Phoenix, Az
I could not be more satisfied with the instruction David has provided for my son. His lessons are fun and productive and his teaching style is positive, encouraging and patient. My son's confidence has soared and all areas of his life have improved tremendously since he started lessons with David about a year ago. David's genuine, talented and kind spirit make him an exceptional drum instructor.» Michelle Bejarano - Phoenix, Az 
David is one of the generous drummers in the valley with no ego. David is very supportive and is always smiling. The dude smacks the heck out of his snare. Deep pocket. David is as genuine as anyone can get. He is EXCEPTIONAL at lessons. He listens and gets you to where you want to be. If you see him playing out, go say hi and acknowledge his talent. He'll smile and thank you. Seriously one of the nicest guys I have ever met.» Dave Thompson