Valley Drummer In Demand In Studio And On Stage

It's no surprise that Arizona drummer David Bedell chose music for a career.  David's grandmother had 12 children, all of whom play an instrument or sing, and David himself began began playing the drums at the tender age of three. It's a passion that has never left Bedell, who in addition to offering Arizona drum lessons has crafted a career as a sought after studio drummer, touring drummer, and drum consultant.

Twenty-five years into a career that has shown him the world and allowed him to work with countless inspiring artists, Bedell continues to search for musical challenges in the many opportunities available to him both live and in the studio.  According to this sought after Phoenix drummer the two exist on different planes.

"With live drumming there is room for small mistakes," he explains.  "Playing in a recording studio takes more precision than playing live.  In the studio you are working against the clock, so timing has to be perfect.  You have to be able to create on the spot, play well under pressure, be open to taking directions, and be versatile and consistent."

David's ability to check the yes box in all of the preceding aspects accounts for his appearances on various albums including F5's A Drug for all Seasons, George Hughes' If It's Alright With You, and Avian's From the Depths of Time.  And while his studio work represents a large part of his creative resume, it is on the stage that Dav id has been able to share his drum chops with music lover across not only the U.S. but also in locations including Brazil, Japan, and Bahrain.  This fall David, will take a break from instructing to hit the road for a European tour before returning to his drum students and Valley-based musical projects.

The ability to play everything from funk, jazz, blues, and rock to honky-tonk, country, and everything in-between is a must for top flight touring and session musicians.  Bedell's ability and willingness to wear a number of musical hats is a valuable calling card that has allowed him to craft a rewarding career while developing a unique style all his own.

"I just pull from all of the influences around me from jazz, to funk, to R&B," he explains.  "Through the years and with the help of other personal and professional influences I've turned it into my own style."