Arizona Horseback Riding Is Good For Body, Mind And Soul

Madison Synthetic GrassIf you want to treat yourself to a fun, healthy, relaxing day, look no further than Spur Cross Stables in Cave Creek – Arizona horseback riding on six “Trailblazer Rides” of your choice. As you’ll discover, this Cave Creek horseback riding experience has all the physical, mental and spiritual benefits you might expect from spending a day exploring nature atop one of the world’s most magnificent creatures.

From sunset rides to seasonal rides to marriage proposals and special occasions, your horse trail riding journey will be one that your body, mind and soul will thank you for.

At a glance, horse trail riding may look like a passive activity, but if you’ve ever ridden before, you know it’s quite physical. In fact, according to the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability, horseback riding improves:

Trailblazer RidesMentally, Arizona horseback riding can be just the escape you need from everyday preoccupations. With a Spur Cross Stables horseback riding guide, you need only follow their lead, and remember a few simple instructions for directing your horse, which usually comes quite naturally. So your mind is free to wander and absorb the sites of note along your scenic journey.

As for the spiritual side of this Cave Creek horseback riding experience, few things can touch your soul like immersing yourself in nature. The fresh, open, immense landscape of the Arizona desert is the perfect place to find peace. Equally powerful is the bond you’ll develop with your horse, the two of you moving as one through the natural world.

For this truly holistic horse trail riding experience, choose from six Spur Cross Stables trail rides:

  1. Native American Ruins Trail Ride, featuring the dwellings of the ancient Hohokam people who, for reasons unknown, disappeared around 1400 AD
  2. Petroglyphs Trail Ride, featuring rock art by the ancient Hohokam people – images often studied, but rarely understood
  3. Seven Springs Trail Ride, featuring a scenic journey along Cave Creek and a cowboy supper at Seven Springs
  4. Stagecoach Stop Trail Ride, featuring an historic stagecoach stop once frequented by people going back and forth to gold mines
  5. Sheep Bridge Trail Ride, featuring a bridge built for flocks of sheep to safely cross the Verde River
  6. Crested Headed Saguaro Trail Ride, featuring the largest Crested headed Saguaro cactus in the world

So if you’re looking for a therapeutic recreational activity that’s educational too, Cave Creek, Phoenix or Scottsdale horseback riding trails at Spur Cross Stables are for you. Make a reservation online for this Arizona horseback riding experience, or call 1-800-758-9530 or 480-488-9117