Noted Phoenix Percussionist Offers Drum Lessons From The Heart

For Arizona drummer David Bedell, the art of percussion has always been a lifelong pursuit.  Inspired by his great uncle and namesake David Bedell, a professional drummer who worked with various musical legends including Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee, young David picked up his first drum sticks at age three and hasn't put them down since.  Today David is a noted touring and studio drummer and drum consultant.  Yet it is giving drum lessons, which he has for the past 25 years, that remains his passion.  To hear David tell it, fostering a love of drumming and music in his students renews his passion for his gift.

"Where there is a desire to drum, I teach," says Bedell, who offers his Phoenix drum lessons to students valley wide.  David's unique and inspirational approach incorporates different aspects of his own journey, from his own personal trials and tribulations as a professional drummer to lessons from his own teachers as well as his uncles.  The results speak for themselves.

"I teach students to feel the rhythm of the notes they read," he says.  "I focus on proper drum techniques and the small but im portant details that make a good drummer great.  My approach is positive, encouraging, and fun, and you can expect to leave my lessons with a perma-grin!"

Sharing the secrets and tricks learned through years of professional study and playing, David has been able to to challenge and inspire drummers of all ages and skill levels.  From advanced hand and bass drum techniques to music reading, all of the technical aspects are covered.  What David offers in addition is what separates a great drummer from a good one: a passion for music and drumming that is infectious and a playing style that originates from the heart.  It is an approach that keeps the majority of his students with him for many years.

After a quarter century as a drum instructor, Bedell sees himself as something of a kindred spirit to Mr. Miyagi, the wise sage of Karate Kid fame.  It's all about helping students overcome obstacles and the fear of learning something new.  In the process, he is able to bring out the hidden qualities in their playing that they didn't even know they had.

"I have a passion for teaching... and my students and their families are important to me as people," Bedell explains.  "I was fortunate to have so much support in developing my drum skills, and it is a thrill for me to see that same enthusiasm in the eyes of a beginning drummer or an experienced drummer honing their skills."