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Valley Drummer In Demand In Studio And On Stage
It's no surprise that Arizona drummer David Bedell chose music for a career. David's gra ndmother had 12 children, all of whom play an instrument or sing, and David himself began began playing the drums at the tender age of three. It's a passion that has never left Bedell, who in addition to offering Arizona drum lessons has crafted a career as a sought after studio drummer, touring drummer, and drum consultant...
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Noted Phoenix Percussionist Offers Drum Lessons From The Heart
For Arizona drummer David Bedell, the art of percussion has always been a lifelong pursuit. Inspired by his great uncle and namesake David Bedell, a professional drummer who worked with various musical legends including Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee, young David picked up his first drum sticks at age three and hasn't put them down since. Today David is a noted touring and studio drummer and drum consultant...
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Gin Blossoms Frontman Turns Historical Landmark Into World-Class Recording Studio
No doubt the Muses were whispering to Gin Blossoms lead singer Robin Wilson when he founded Uranus Recording in Tempe, Arizona. Tempe is named after the Vale of Tempe near Mount Olympus in Greece - a mythological hotspot frequented by the Muses that inspire the creative process. Robin's creativity was certainly working overtime when he was inspired to turn a local historical landmark into a...
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Phoenix Golf

Your Online Source To Phoenix 24/7
Phoenix golf destinations have long been one the valley's greatest draws, but in reality they are just the beginning. At 247 Phoenix, we'll introduce you to the finest Phoenix hotels, book a day of leisure at one of several incredible Scottsdale health spas, and book your table at a host of incredible Phoenix restaurants. And we'll...
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Madison Synthetic Grass

Arizona Horseback Riding Is Good For Body, Mind And Soul
If you want to treat yourself to a fun, healthy, relaxing day, look no further than Spur Cross Stables in Cave Creek – Arizona horseback riding on six “Trailblazer Rides” of your choice. As you’ll discover, this Cave Creek horseback riding experience has all the physical, mental and spiritual benefits you might expect from spending a day exploring nature atop one of the world’s most magnificent creatures.
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